Indulge in an explosion of a moist chocolaty cake made with the finest West African cacao. Layered with silky smooth Nutella hazelnut chocolate frosting and the perfect amount of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread. Covered in more of that fabulous frosting to give a perfect balance of cake to frosting. Each bite is more tantalizing than the last. Be warned this is a diet killer! 


The most soft, velvety sumptuous red velvet cake. A full-bodied flavor of richness, tang, and a hint of Ghiradelli cocoa. Layered with decadent Ghirardelli chocolate ganache and zingy cream cheese frosting.  A combination in perfect harmony.


Made with fresh in-house pistachio paste, this cake has a subtle nutty, floral note. A light, tender cake with delightful textural bites of pistachios. Smothered and layered with the most gourmet pistachio ganache and a perfect amount of raspberry preserves to give a kick of sweetness.


Delicate, pillowy, vanilla cakes, covered in light and airy strawberry cream frosting. Layered with a light creamy strawberry mousse and just a touch of preserve that has skillfully been crafted to elevate each bite. A fluffy and light delight that you will inhale in joy.